Our brand identity for the RCDSO, Ontario’s dental profession regulator, reflects the College's historical beginnings and uses a typeface that is both modern and clear. The mission-inspired tagline, Ensuring Continued Trust, enhances the logo's impact.

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Our integrated approach to branding ensures that all corporate communications meet exacting standards for style, colour and typography, creating a seamless and consistent effect of integrity and professionalism. From annual reports to internal communications, our design work is recognized as a key element in this strong and respected brand.

Our employee communications for the RCDSO include designing programs, identities and templates for employee responsibility, safety, conduct and professional development.

Branded membership communications produced by Public Good include educational kits, guidelines, newsletters and magazines.

Royal college of dental surgeons of ontario The first 125 years

To commemorate the history of the RCDSO, Public Good produced and designed this compendium of archival photography, historical documents and dental ephemera. Positioning the College as a contemporary organization with a rich and important past, the book incorporates colourized images and a dynamic layout.